Placute Frana EBC Orangestuff

Placute Frana EBC Orangestuff

Placute de frana Orangestuff pentru uz sportiv

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Following on from the huge success of the new EBC Bluestuff NDX range, customer demand has indicated the need for a more aggressive full race material for track only use that is not required to bring a vehicle to rest (which Bluestuff NDX was specifically designed to do) and this has led to the development of the orange grade material. The material will be dusty and slightly more aggressive on brake rotors (such as EBC Blade Brake Disc rotors) which is the trade off when using a full race pad and cannot be avoided.

The range of pads available in Orangestuff will be announced soon but similar to the Bluestuff NDX range and available for all faster street based caliper designs and aftermarket race calipers.

If you wish to drive your car to the track and race it, you CANNOT use Orangestuff. It is not European street legal or safe and likely never will be ECE R 90 street legal .Even in countries where there is no such consideration of ECE R 90 (a European brake safety regulation) Orange grade is NOT designed for highway style driving and is more designed to scrub off speed on track use. Orange is a TRACK ONLY MATERIAL.
On the contrary Bluestuff is a material capable of track use on most vehicles and is now also street legal. The different in the compounds is immense. Bluestuff may work great on better designed calipers on the track but the fastest cars on STREET design calipers may push blue beyond its limits due to reduced cooling, reduced pad release and smaller rotor diameters associated with a standard set up.

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